Smudge, the starving cat who was rescued by our friend Katie, had her ribs sticking out as though she was pregnant.  Then, 2 weeks or so ago, the bulge seemed to drop down into her abdomen in what we thought to be the later stages of pregnancy. However, the good news is that she is not pregnant after all (confirmed last night at the vets).  It could be that if she had been pregnant,  with the starvation stress that she endured, that she resorbed the kittens (this can happen) or that she is a neutered cat who had a really bad case of worms! She hasn’t been in season since we got her, but cats often don’t come into season in the winter months, so we are back  to square one.  We certainly don’t want to put her through unnecessary surgery if she is already spayed, and there is a blood test (apparently) which can tell this, so we are awaiting a call from the vets with a price.  The other alternative is simply to wait – time will tell!

Having had Smudge here for the last 5 weeks, she won’t be leaving us.  Not that we needed another cat – this will be number 5 – but she is such a lovely personality.

…  Anne