PLEASE will all dog owners and those who foster dogs, or have dogs visit their homes. DO NOT USE STANDARD SLUG PELLETS.  THEY CAN KILL!  There are non toxic slug pellets on the market so please read the labels carefully

We spent 6-7 hours and a 170 miles round trip, collecting a rescue dog from a vets in the Midlands, who had been in foster care, and bringing him to the rescue’s vets in West Yorkshire for a checkup, following which we took him into SOZO Rescue Kennels. His symptoms were typically those of a dog who had either ingested slug pellets, or a slug who had eaten pellets.  He was lethargic and had been having seizures the previous evening and it was a lucky chance that he survived. There is still a possibility that his internal organs may fail, but only time will tell.

SOZO is now left with a massive bill for veterinary costs.

Anyone wishing to donate towards their costs can do so via Paypal through sozodogrescue@gmail.com

…  Anne