Skully - Down


Skully is in season and as we had mated her unsuccessfully in 2 previous seasons, it is a long shot that she would conceive this time. Add to this that Honey was mated recently to Drummer, and we plan to have Cyda’s third and last litter when she is in season at the end of September, in the unlikely event that Skully did conceive then we would potentially have 3 litters within 5 weeks!  No thank you! Rearing puppies is hard work and one litter at a time is hard enough, so for this reason we will not be mating Skully, but will mate Cyda.  It is 18 months since our last litter, so it will be lovely to have cute little wriggly squirmy puppies again, but we know our limitations and we have to draw the line. For this reason we have decided to sell Skully – a realistic decision as we are not getting any younger! It is a condition of sale that she will be spayed within 3 months. Please message me for further details if you are interested.