You’d think butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but beware, Skully is a naughty puppy – she always was! At six months old, she will be lucky to see seven months at the rate she is going!

So far she has beaten up her brothers – several times, chewed through a telephone extension cable – twice, brought all sorts in from the garden, including, windfall apples, plums, stones, sticks, and if all else fails, half a yard of bean plant.

This morning she has excelled herself.  She has brought in a dead baby bird – not much more than a fledgeling – no doubt killed by our cat Felix.

I did manage to exchange it for some honey before she managed to swallow it though!  Thank goodness she likes honey, or we may have been at the vets this afternoon – not particularly where we would choose to spend a bank holiday afternoon!

…  Anne