Following an abortive mating planned for a couple of days ago, with a stunning little ruby boy called Winston, (they just didn’t want to know each other!) and not wanting to waste the opportunity, we decided to mate Skully with Drummer, our new Tricolour Stud.  This is not the mating we would have planned, mixing whole colours and party colours as it does, but it could give us an interesting mix of colours, potentially spanning all the four cavalier colours.

I take this opportunity to show the correct way to introduce and mate dogs.

The Tie

Firstly, there is the introduction.

This basically lets the stud dog know that there is an in season bitch in the house – and she is all his!

Not all studs will appreciate an owner intervening to help him mate his bitch, and it is sensible to allow him to mate her where he is most comfortable – the training can come over several matings.


Secondly there is the tie, not essential for pregnancy to occur, but desirable.

The duration of the tie is important to breeders and can last from a few minutes to three and a half hours, in the case of one of my bitches, or even longer.  In this case, the tie was for a healthy 50 minutes.

During the Tie, the dog and bitch are securely coupled together and they will often stand tail to tail – the most natural position in the wild to ward off predators or marauding males!

Then there is the checking of the female afterwards, and a well-earned sleep!

Pictures courtesy of Nick Watts from Urban Haze.

Drummer and Skully have both passed their eye examination and have been heart checked clear.

It is anticipated that puppies from this mating will be born around the end of November.

…  Anne