Sheep worrying is always a serious matter.  Not only are there serious financial implications for the farmer, but allowing animals off lead near sheep could result in the dog being shot.  Several animals have been killed in the latest incidents of sheep worrying.  The first took place on Wednesday 18th July where three sheep were mauled by a dog, resulting in the death of all three animals.  There was another attack five days later which left three more sheep suffering injuries.  There have been several sightings of the dog believed responsible over the last few days. It’s described as being black and about the size of a Border Collie.

Dog owners are also reminded of the importance of keeping their dog under control.  Dogs are predatory pack animals, and even the most delightful pets will revert back to the wolf instinct if given the opportunity.  Training goes out of the window in the thrill of the chase and there is no stopping them.  The owner of a dog worrying sheep is committing a criminal offence.  This offence does not empower the farmer to shoot the dog and if he did, he is quite likely to be charged with criminal damage.  His defence will be likely to show he has reasonable excuse as he was protecting his sheep, which are his property.

So be a responsible dog owner, keep your pets on a lead when exercising them near livestock.

…  Anne