A friend of a friend is caring for Shadow since his owners moved out of the area.  Here’s what she says:

Hello Anne,

 Please find a couple of photos of Shadow, so named as he follow’s my male ginger boy Teddy,  everywhere.
I have found out that he is 7 years old and has lost his original parents due to them moving out of the area. He is neutered and chipped and seems to be in good health, his appetite is unfailing.  I thought Teddy was big although Shadow is larger, I think this is a general trait for Ginger male cats.
Shadow loves to greet me on my return home by rolling around on the ground on his back in readiness for me to tickle between his front legs and chin.
He is not fully answering to Shadow, although when I call Teddy he’s there faster than my own cats, so if you do get anybody to adopt him, the name Teddy may suit him.  He is litter trained as he uses my cats’ litters whenever he can sneak in, so again anybody wanting to keep him in will have no problems.
He arrived around late February and does not wander far, he has a great sympathy trait which is sitting where you can see him and he will pick up one of his front paws as though it’s hurt, but it is not, as I found he changes his paws after some time.
The pictures were taken in June, he loves to sunbathe and you can see his cheeky face smiling.
I would love to keep him although my female Molly will not take to him even after all these months, last week they had a very nasty fight and so now I am trying to keep Shadow out of the house. He has a den to sleep in that is kitted out with a bed etc., so at this time he is ok, the only thing that bothers me is when the weather starts to change, so if anybody will take on this lovely chap I really would appreciate it.
…  Sandy