It would be wonderful to say that Scamp settled really well last night. Unfortunately he didn’t, and it was around 12.30 when we finally drifted off to sleep.  Eventually I had to use some DAP (Adaptil) spray on their blankets and close the door of his crate to give him that extra bit of security before he decided to settle.  Hopefully tonight he will know the routine better and will not be a problem, it’s all part of settling in.

In every other way he seems to be settling well.  He was even playing with the pups, Honey and Skully last night.  I was surprised to see that he has a good turn of speed for an old ‘un, and he still has a playful side, which is lovely.

His reaction to  Spirit when they were introduced through the baby gate, was to bark at her.  She turned and walked away, so that’s a good sign.  The same happened this morning.

He has pretty well ignored Whisper the kitten, and will be meeting the other three cats later today.

…  Anne