We took Scamp along to the vet for a checkup today with Uncle Andrew at Donaldsons in Mirfield.  We knew he had some pretty bad dental issues and wanted to get them sorted as soon as possible for the little chap, so he is booked in for treatment tomorrow.  Poor dental health is linked to heart valve conditions, in that the bacteria in the mouth can pass into the bloodstream from where it can pass into the heart and gather around the heart valves where the body is unable to remove it.  This build-up can cause problems with the heart valves which leads to a deterioration in the action of the heart.

It is no surprise therefore that Scamp also has a heart murmur, graded 3 out of 6.  We have ordered some homoeopathic treatment from Charles Barrett (see link to the right of this page) which we have used before and is hugely beneficial.

…  Anne