I have had another update on Scamp as he settles into his new home.  Here’s what his new owner says:

Thank you for the info on fireworks.  Also helpful to know that Scamp is not a great toy lover, before I go out and spend!  Any other likes or dislikes from his family would also be really useful, it just helps him to settle in.

We had another lovely day yesterday.  Short walk followed by a trip to Pets at Home where the staff made a great fuss of him with a few treats and hugs.  He certainly is a people-puller!  We then had a couple of hours in the shop just to make sure he would be happy. No problem whatsoever as he just needed to be shown where his bed was and all was fine.  We are here at the shop again today and I am accompanied by the sound of snoring as I type!  I certainly feel he is settling in nicely with us.

I forgot to ask if he was microchipped?  I have no intention of losing him but it is best to be sure.

I will keep you updated as we go along.  I have forgotten my camera today, but will send photos soon.