Scamp is settling well in his new home – here’s an update from his owner:

Scamp is just wonderful and has settled in really well, we love him dearly.  He seems very happy, perhaps you could let his previous family know as I am sure they wonder and worry about him.
He accompanies me every day to the shop, sleeping most of the time but never missing out on a cuddle by a customer when it is on offer!  Last Sunday we had a Christmas market in the village where the shop is.  All the shops and restaurants were open along with a visiting Santa’s grotto, jazz band and rides for the children.  There was a great community atmosphere with over 3000 visitors.  My shop was really busy (luckily Derek came with me), but the greatest draw was Scamp dressed up in his little red coat and Christmas collar with bells!   I will email you a photo in the next day or two, so cute!  His coat is one of the ones you mentioned on your website, he also has it in blue!  They are really lovely quality and so warm, so thank you for the recommendation.
I will email the photos as promised.
Bye for now, Caroline xx
…  Anne