I have just had an e-mail from Scamp’s new owner.  Here’s what she says …
He has been such a lovely boy in the few hours that we have had him here.  We kept him on his lead last night so the cats could slowly get used to him but they luckily seemed more curious about him than he was about them.  I have attached a couple of photos showing us watching TV last night, please note ginger cat sitting on armchair surveying the new addition!
We put him in his crate last night (which is in our bedroom where he can see us), he curled up and we heard no more than the odd snore and snuffle until the next morning.  We were really pleased for him as it must be so new and a little stressful.
I took him for a short walk this morning in the beautiful sunshine and then back for a little snooze.  Mid-afternoon we walked down to my shop (only 15 minutes away, but taking longer with having to sniff etc at every leaf!).  He was thoroughly loved by all my shop neighbours and very gentle, just plodding his way round the shop checking it all out.  Short walk back and now he is curled up next to me on the settee while I type this!  We have had a lovely day and could not have wished for more from him.
I am planning to take him to Pets at Home tomorrow to stock up on a few toys and a new basket for the shop.  Can’t wait!
Anyway, thank you again for letting us have him.  He is such a lovely little chap, we will love him dearly already.  I shall let you know how we are getting on over the next few days.  His first day in the shop is on Friday and then I am sure we will have lots of fun with him at the weekend.
– Caroline