scamp on setteeIn 2011, Scamp came to us at 12 years old with a slight heart murmur but remarkably fit for his age. His owners were relocating to Australia and it was felt that the upheaval would not be good for Scamp.

Our grateful thanks go to Scamp’s previous owners who left a “Scamp Fund” to pay for any medical expenses which he needed.

We had some dental work done on him, got some excellent homoeopathic treatment for his heart, which he still has, and found him a wonderful new home in Sutton Coldfield.  We get regular updates from his present owners, which we pass on to his first owners. Here is his latest update …

Sorry not to have replied sooner.  Scamp is doing great and long may it continue.  He is still as active as ever.  In fact he is about to enjoy a little foreign travel!  We have an apartment in the South of France and have to drive out with some furniture, so we are taking him with us. He has been to the vets and declared fit for travel, so he now has his own passport and is ready to hit the road! 

 …  Anne