Here’s an update on Scamp in his New Home
I just wanted to thank you for your help and kind words when I rang last week after Scamp decided to assert his authority by stealing my seat!  Thankfully we have had no problems since, although we now know better how to deal with it and avert any potential situation.
He has settled really well into his routine both at home and in the shop.  He loves his daily walks, lazy days snoozing in his bed in the shop – getting up only when customers offer him some fuss which is usually followed by cries of ‘he’s so cute!’
The day is finished off with another short walk, dinner and a relaxing evening on the settee watching telly.  What a life!  He is great with the cats as he seems completely disinterested in them.
I did take him to the vets again earlier in the week as his ears seemed to be very itchy and bothering him.  It appears he has an ear infection in both ears and we are now applying ear drops twice daily.  He doesn’t like it but is very good natured about it.
He has been a lovely addition to our life and we can only hope we have him with us for many years to come.
…  Caroline