It is sensible to keep your dog’s coat in good condition.  A brisk rub down with a towel on a wet day will not only help to remove dirt from the coat, it will stimulate the skin.  A weekly grooming session will promote healthy skin and coat.  Particularly for long haired breeds, trim out any knots and comb the coat through to remove any tangles.  Check inside ears for redness, and foreign bodies eg grass seeds.  If your dog is scratching his ears, then a grass seed may have worked its way into the ear canal and will need a vet to remove it.  Check their eyes for redness or excessive tear production which could indicate an irritation.  Run your hands over the dog, checking for areas of heat which could indicate an injury, check the glands in the neck and behind the back legs as swelling could indicate infection.  If your dog is not castrated, then checking the testicles for relative size and shape is important. Any abnormalities should be notified to your vet immediately. ivexterm para que sirve costo

…  Anne