Rosie by window3Rosie is 15 years old and is the much loved cat of an Irish family who relocated from Dublin to Canada.

Although she has a pet passport, the airline refused to take her due to her age.

They had a new home lined up for her, but unfortunately it fell through at the last minute so we stepped in.




Rosie by window2Rosie was de’flead and wormed by our vet, as she hasn’t been done for some time.

Rosie easily gets stressed, so we have moved her to our cat-shed with a small run attached.

There she can live out her days complete with duvet and heatpad, litter trays, scratch post, food and water. What more could a cat want!

She can see our cats in the pen opposite, but she is left pretty well to her own devices.

She also has me on hand in case she falls ill or needs veterinary attention.

…  Anne