A 79-year-old man is reported to have died following a dog attack in his garden. The pensioner was outside his home in Liverpool when the dog attacked, just before 8.40pm on Saturday night. Merseyside Police who were called to the scene, found the body of the man and were confronted by a dog that was out of control. Armed officers destroyed it at the scene. Crime Scene Investigators are in the process of carrying out forensic examinations. “Two women, aged 27 and 28 years, were arrested on suspicion of an offence under section 3(3)a, of the Dangerous Dogs Act, 1991, which relates to an owner or a person in charge of a dog allowing it to enter private property where it is not permitted to be and the animal then injures a person. At this stage the breed of the dog is still to be established”.

This tragic event could so easily have been prevented.  Responsible ownership could is so necessary.  Make sure you train your dog and socialise him in as many situations as possible.  It is your responsibility to keep your dog under control at all times.

…  Anne