honey and pupsI am heartily sick and tired of notices being posted on social media labeling all breeders as “irresponsible” or as “users and abusers”. Breeders cover the whole spectrum, from unhealthy puppy farms, to backstreet breeders, breeding purely for cash, to breeders who really care for their puppies and endeavour to find them the best homes they can. We appreciate that from a rescue perspective, there are healthy dogs being put to sleep on a daily basis, but banning all breeders, neutering all dogs of breeding age would result in there being no puppies available in 20 years time. Think about that!. Far better to educate new prospective owners about the dangers and heartbreak of buying from puppy farms and backstreet breeders. Whilst people are buying from them, they will continue their trade. Neutering is a must of course, to prevent the canine population from mushrooming, but breeding from selected dogs (these should be placed on a breeding register when the required health checks are carried out) will go some way to helping solve the problem.

puppy5Heronbank Cavaliers have an excellent reputation for breeding healthy puppies. This reputation has been built up over the last 20 years. We pride ourselves in taking personal responsibility for each and every puppy we produce for the lifetime of the dog. Should the owners circumstances change, we will be responsible for finding the dog a caring home and we will help any cavalier, not just our own puppies. We are always available on the telephone, Skype or e-mail if any one has a problem or a query.

…  Anne