Sooty was in need of a bath and some serious grooming.

I sedated him with an ACP tablet from Andrew at Donaldson & Partners Vets, and Katie came down to help me groom and bathe him.  He was a bit fractious despite the sedative but we got the job done reasonably well.

He was quite wobbly on his legs and somewhat disorientated.  I went to check on him at around 8pm and, without warning, he bit me in the forearm.  He meant it too, and as if to prove it, he did it twice!  Now I’ve been around cats for a long time and have handled semi wild cats, and normally they give a warning first (which Sooty normally would) but not this time.

Andrew at Donaldson & Partners, Vets, said that sedation can sometimes make animals lose their inhibitions and do things which they would not normally do.

Katie and I discussed the situation and decided that re-homing was too dangerous, as we would be responsible if he bit someone else, so there were really only 2 options.  One was euthanasia and the other was to integrate him with my 3 cats, Cookie, Biscuit and Felix, a mottley crew who have all been rescued.  They live in a shed in the garden, which is heated in winter, and they have access outside every day.

It was suggested that Sooty go in an empty pen for the moment and be given a couple of weeks to settle down, with introductions to the other cats between the mesh of the pen.  He might then be released into the garden with them.  Sooty would have all the food and care he needs, which is a lot more than some have.

Thankfully, although my arm is bruised, it appears not to be infected.

…  Anne