Sooty is admittedly not the most friendly cat in the world, but the circumstances of his rescue may have had something to do with that.

Sooty - on arrival

Sooty - on arrival

Remember all the really bad weather of Nov/Dec 2010?  Well at that time (and for some time previously) Sooty was surviving the best way he could, in a draughty, freezing, concrete stairwell of a block of flats.

He had been abandoned and was begging for food at every door.  He was very thin and had multiple bites to his head and neck, which had abscessed.  He also had fleas, worms and ear mites.



We suspect he was beaten up by a gang of cats whose territory he was dumped in, therefore he’s not happy around cats and obviously gives off signals which say

“Keep away from me”.

His mistrust of people is evident as he objects to being stroked and petted.

He is not beyond giving a bite if he is pushed too far.

Sooty is in fantastic condition now, is un-demanding and just wants a quiet life with food and shelter. Something like a factory or warehouse, or kennels or stables, or a home where he is the only animal with an owner who can live without the need to pet and stroke him, might be the ideal situation for him.

If you can offer him a trial placement, please contact Anne on 01924 445365

…  Anne