Many dogs are already micro-chipped, but are their details on the company’s database?

Toby2I came across an instance yesterday where a puppy had been chipped and the owners were asked to supply their telephone numbers and confirm their address – this is all part and parcel of responsible dog ownership. This was unfortunately overlooked in the surge of joy that comes from owning a new puppy, and therefore although the chip number was registered, the details were blank. In the unlikely event that the puppy had got separated from his owners and picked up by the dog wardens, they would have scanned him but he could not have been returned to his rightful owner. After a period of 7 days in the strays kennels, dogs who are not reclaimed by their owners or taken into rescue are put to sleep. Sad but true and this could so easily have happened. This puppy’s details are now registered and I will be checking in a few days to ensure they are on the database.

If you don’t hear from the microchip company in 2-3 weeks after registration, it is important that you contact the company to ensure that your dog’s details are registered. It is also vital that you keep those details up to date, for example if you move house or change your telephone number or mobile number.

In this way, your lost dog can be quickly reunited with you.

Occasionally a micro-chip can de-activate, think of it as being like a battery which runs down. It would be wise to ask your vet to scan your dog once a year at the time of their annual vaccination.

…  Anne