fleur6Fleur’s kittens are now almost 7 weeks old – can you believe that! They are all eating and lapping so it is time to help Fleur to reduce her milk in preparation for spaying.  We have a homoeopathic remedy which is excellent for this purpose – although from our point of view it has to be given hourly for the first 2 days! We will be starting this at the weekend, as we’ll both be around to administer the crystals. She started leaving her babies over a week ago, visiting them regularly and constantly calling to them, so with a reduction in her milk, she will visit them less often, and they will not attempt to feed as frequently as they used to.

Once her milk is dried up, she will visit our vets for neutering.

belle and RosieAnyone who is interested in Fleur’s babies should leave a comment. The 2 tortie and white girls are still available and will be neutered when they are old enough.

…  Anne