FinI was talking to my friend Kim, yesterday, who operates the Dogmum Bakery.

She has a wealth of information, not only on treats for allergic dogs, but also on natural shampoos for dogs with skin problems.

Fin’s skin has broken out with infection from his neck to his rump again, for no good reason – it may be something as simple as the hot, humid weather we have been having.

Kim suggested using a natural oatmeal mix, which I will make for him.

He can eat it as well, so no dangers there. Definitely worth a try.

…  Anne

Here’s what she suggests:

Soak some oats in water overnight, drain and rinse. Mash up a wedge of cucumber, mix in the oats. Use half of the mix on the skin, half to eat. And then if he licks at himself there’s no chemicals or non-edibles going in.  if you soak them overnight and then rinse there’s no need to cook them. but you could cook them and cool them and mix into the mashed cucumber. You could put honey in as well as it has antihistamine properties.

I massage it in, rinse him, and dry him off naturally. The cucumber is a cleanser as well as being soothing and “medicinal” so you don’t need anything else, and the oats have a moisturising element to them too when wet, once the starchy stuff is rinsed off them (so important you do rinse the oats first!), as well as being an exfoliant. And if they are still itchy and there is residue because rinsing is hard it’s entirely natural so it’s not a big deal.

…  Kim