Cyda is now 8 weeks pregnant.  We are getting ready for her to whelp (give birth) over the next few days.  We always polythene a chair over and use lots of blankets and towels when the moment comes.  There are 2 black poly-bags attached, one to each chair arm – one of disposable waste and one for washable waste.  I have developed this technique over the years and it seems to work well!

It may not look pretty but it confines the mess to one place and once my girls have whelped there, they will happily do so again.  Cyda watched us prepare the chair with interest – wagging her tail as if to say “oh good, we’re getting near baby time!

Last year, as I remember, Cyda chose to climb from the specially-prepared chair to my knee, each time she had a puppy, hopefully she won’t do that this year, but if she does, I now have a large plastic apron, just in case!

Cyda with puppies 1 day old

Cyda with puppies 1 day old - last year's litter

Hopefully we will be able to rig the web-cam up for the big event.  Anyone who wishes to be notified in advance should let us have their e-mail addresses, but please note that whelpings can often happen in the early hours of the morning – we were lucky last year that she started just after lunch!

…  Anne