If you have several dogs or cats, sooner or later you are going to have a situation where one animal contracts an infectious disease.  This is still possible, even though your animals are vaccinated.

SootyIt is important to have a plan in mind to isolate the affected animal from the other healthy animals to prevent, as far as possible the spread of the disease.  A washable floor is essential.  Use a shallow disinfectant foot-bath just outside the area where the sick animal is kept, and use it, both when entering, and exiting the area.

Use a good quality animal disinfectant eg Virkon or Trigene or Cromessol to cleanse the areas thoroughly, as well as in the foot-bath.  Domestic disinfectants will not kill the infection.  Keep a set of cleaning equipment specifically for the isolation room.

Clean and feed your healthy animals first, then attend to the needs of the sick animal.  Do not exercise the sick animal, restrict it’s movements to the isolation area until fully recovered.  Wash the bedding for the sick animal daily, using one of the recommended disinfectants.

When you have been working in the isolation room, place your clothes in the washer (you can use some of the disinfectant here too), and take a shower.  This will as far as is humanly possible, prevent the infection from spreading.

…  Anne