honey & pups 11 days oldAll our puppies are now sold and some are in their new homes. They all have lovely families to bond with but it is a process that will take time.  Now that they are away from their siblings their individual personalities should start to shine. That too will take time though and there will be a few unsettled nights until puppy adjusts to their new routine.

Then the process of house training can begin! the routine is wake up, toilet, feed, toilet, sleep, toilet … simple! Always use a word that puppy will associate with the action, e.g. “Toilets” and praise them lavishly when they perform “Good Toilets”! Do not use a word or phrase that could be misunderstood in the future, e.g. “There’s a good dog”, and the dog will then perform on command as it were!

Socialisation is an important part of puppyhood. They can be taken out immediately to homes where fully vaccinated dogs are, they can also be taken out in public but will have to be carried until 2 weeks after their second vaccination. Do not put them on the floor of the vets surgery, a lot of sick dogs pass through there.

Start lead training puppy early. Attach a light ribbon to their collar to get them used to having a lead on. Let them move around the house and garden getting them used to their new collar. If they get distressed wearing their collar start with short periods and district with a ball or treats. Then attach a light lead and follow puppy holding their lead and follow them where they choose to go. Once their vaccine has taken effect they can start walking. This is when they will need a good collar, not one which will snap open if puppy panics and pulls away.

This is a good time to start socialisation classes at your local dog training class. Many offer puppy classes where puppies can learn to socialise, then you can move on to Good Citizen classes and go through bronze, silver, gold and platinum certification, which will teach you and your dog to return to you on command, cross the road safely and stop on command when needed, off lead.

Good luck with your new puppies and remember we are only at the end of a phone and we give lifetime support for your dog.

…  Anne