Rescued puppyAccording to Dogs Trust, a third of all children will have asked for a dog for Christmas, and despite their slogan “A Dog is for Life, not just for Christmas” there will still be families who found a puppy under the tree this year.  Dog Rescue organisations are often left to pick up the pieces after the novelty of a new puppy has worn off.

Dogs Trust is encouraging new owners to take time to invest in training and caring for their new puppy, to ensure that the relationship is a lasting one.  They are running puppy training classes at many of their Re-homing Centres.  Here you will receive valuable information on training and caring for your new puppy.

They also have a game featuring iMutt which gives insight into the work of a Rescue / Re-homing Centre, and You and Your Puppy both of which can be downloaded onto your IPHONE / IPOD / IPAD from  Dogs Trust

…  Anne