cool coatI have been concerned about the number of teeshirts dogs have been forced to wear in the recent hot weather. Here is a cool alternative!

The cool Dog Cooling coat is a fantastic new products designed to make those summer days a bit more comfortable for our furry canine friends.

This water activated coat is a great way to help keep dogs cool yet it is still lightweight and soft making it comfortable for the dog to wear. It provides coolness without making your dog damp or wet. So how does it work?

Put the cool coat into water for a few minutes to make it really wet then lift it out and squeeze away all the excess water until the coat feels cool but not wet. The coat will now retain the moisture within it until it evaporates away, thus leaving your dog dry.

The coat can now go on your dog where it will slowly be warmed by the sun and the moisture from the coat will start to evaporate. As this happens heat is transferred away from your dog so he will feel much cooler than if he was not wearing a cool coat.

Eventually the coat will start to dry out and stiffen (a bit like a car chamois) but once it is put back into water it will work again just the same as before.

The Prestige cool dog coat is re-usable time and time again. When not in use simply leave it to fully dry before storing away. A slightly dirty cool coat can be wiped clean, a very dirty one can be machine washed.

Please note that even whilst wearing a cool coat dogs should NEVER be left in cars in hot weather.

…  Anne