puppies in their bed

puppies in their bed

Puppies are inquisitive creatures but it is down to you to ensure that their exploration doesn’t end in heartbreak and regret.  Before bringing our new puppy home for the first time, it is important to prepare a safe and secure environment for him/her.


Here are a few suggestions …

  • keep all detergents and bleach securely out of puppy’s way
  • restrict access to plants – some are poisonous to dogs, eg rhododendrons, azalea, ivy etc
  • Store your precious, more fragile items out of the way
  • Hide or cover electrical cords, telephone wires, computer leads etc
  • Keep children’s toys off the floor, you might even get the kids to put them away!
  • Put a low fence around your garden pond – puppies can swim instinctively but may not be able to climb out

…  Anne