“Smudge”, the pregnant, starving cat found recently is coming to Heronbank.  Katie is not equipped to deal with animals giving birth, and there is much that can go wrong.  Rescue organisations are inundated with cats and kittens at this time of year, and the best they could offer was to spay her and return her to Katie.  Spaying so late in a pregnancy could lead to traumatic blood loss, and death, so that was not an option for Katie – or me!  As well as 5 dogs and 4 cats, we have a litter of puppies due at the end of November, so where better for her to come!  We have an empty store room upstairs where we have had a litter of puppies in the past, it is cosy, quiet, away from the other animals, and we can keep an eye on her, so she will be coming here later today.

We are hoping to get a KittyCam set up to view Smudge and her kittens on our website, but this will be another week or so away, when Nick from Urban Haze will be calling in to see us.

We will be needing homes for the kittens (when she has them) and Smudge, so if anyone has a place in their heart and home, please contact Heronbank.  Neutering vouchers may be available from Cat’s Protection League.

Donations of food – moist, tinned or dry, blankets, cat milk etc will also be most welcome.  Burns Pet Nutrition has kindly donated a 2Kg bag of Ocean Fish for Cats to help build her up before her kittens arrive.

…  Anne