The pregnant, starving cat which Katie has found (now called Smudge) has turned out to be very friendly.  She has to have been someone’s pet at some time.  She is sociable with other cats and not afraid of dogs.  Quite why she ended up living rough and scavenging in bins we are not sure, but she has been out for a while, judging by her coat and general condition.  Katie is trying to build her up before her kittens are born – cat food – dry and tinned, scrambled eggs and the like.  We are helping Katie by collecting cat milk, food, both tinned and dry, blankets and the like.

Donations can be made through Heronbank.  Burns Pet Nutrition has very kindly promised to send a bag of cat food for her – our grateful thanks for that.

This cat is one of the lucky ones, she has found someone who will look after her and her kittens, have her spayed, and find good homes for her and her kittens.  Thousands of cats are not so lucky.

If people would just be responsible and spay their pets, this problem would not be so great.  The Cats Protection League‘s voucher scheme is an excellent benefit to those on low income and for cats living on the streets.

…  Anne