Pregnant Cavalier, Cyda, has Milk

Cyda was laying on my knee last night and I noticed that her nipples had become much bigger.  I checked her for milk, and yes, there it was! It is good to know that everything is progressing in the right direction.  My only concern is that it is moving a bit too quickly.  Her puppies are not due until around 8th April, based on 8 weeks and 5 days, which experience has taught me is about right for a cavalier.  This means that she would have to go at least another week for her puppies to stand a chance of survival.

Cyda with puppies 1 day old

Cyda with puppies 1 day old

Fortunately I have a homoeopathic birthing pack consisting of an array of homoeopathic crystals from Charles Barrett, Homoeopathist, to treat a variety of conditions connected to the birthing process and beyond.  There is one which helps prevent early delivery, so we started her on it straight away.  I have come to rely on this birthing pack, over the years and am quietly confident, although a tad anxious, that Cyda will wait a little longer before she delivers her babies.

Last year she was 5 days early, which is borderline, but she managed to rear 5 lively squiggly puppies.

…  Anne