We have chosen the name Fleur for the pregnant cat we took in recently. We have been trying to determine how far through her pregnancshe is.  Her previous owner was claiming she was imminent 2 weeks ago, but her mammary glands are not swollen yet, so I would estimate that her kittens are not due for another 1 to 2 weeks, which is good, because we can get some decent nutrition, in the form of Burns kitten food, into her before she kittens.  Also it gives her more time to settle in.

Her coat is dry, dull and gritty, but that will improve with good food.  She had never been wormed or vaccinated, but we have sorted both of these by using homoeopathic medications which are safe to use during pregnancy. We are keeping her in an outdoor pen with a heat-pad under her bed. She is a very friendly little kitty, and is learning to trust us. It won’t be long before we hear the patter of tiny paws! We will then be seeking responsible homes for the kittens and also their mum, who will be neutered before she leaves us.

…  Anne