Many dog owners may be unaware of plants in the garden and the home which are toxic to dogs, even if a small amount is ingested.  Puppies are particularly susceptible.  Ivy, cyclamen, delphiniums, lily of the valley, foxgloves, rhododendrons, azalea, tulip bulbs, daffodils, wisteria, poinsettia, mistletoe, rhubarb leaves, the list goes on.  Peach, elderberry and cherry trees can cause cyanide poisoning if their bark is consumed.  I love my garden as much as everyone else, and yes, I have some of these plants.  I do not advocate digging them all out and concreting the back garden, but be aware, and if your dog shows any signs of being unwell – drooling, vomiting, listlessness, hyper-activity, pawing at their face – rush them to a vet – it is useful too, to take a handful of the plant they have been eating.

…  Anne