Pebbles is a larger than average cavalier who gets along with pretty well any one and any other dog. She is friendly and boisterous. She travels well and loves to be out and about. She is 4 years old and is neutered, vaccinated, chipped and is regularly flea and worm treated.

But she has her problems. In 2017 she came to us after her beloved owner died. It was 4 days before her owner, and Pebbles, were discovered. As a consequence Pebbles has separation anxiety big style. She can be demanding of attention. She won’t leave you for more than a minute. She likes to be touching you. And she has a voice. Oh yes, she can bark. Loudly and persistently! We rehomed her in January 2018 and we thought it was a marriage made in heaven. Long walks on beaches, an owner who adored her. And she tried, she really did try! Pebbles was getting worse week by week, so Pebbles had to come back to us. We need to do a thorough evaluation of her. This isn’t going to be an easy fix and the last thing we want for her is a quick rehome to someone who is enthusiastic and well meaning but inexperienced. We don’t want to send her out again at the risk of her coming back yet again. This would not be good for her mental health.

… Anne