Tabby's kittensWe are organising an online cat show for the month of September 2014 to raise funds for the rescued cats and kittens in our care.

Send in your pictures in an email to along with your name, your cats name and the categories you are entering.

Each entry is £1 and should be paid through PayPal on

Please use the family and friends option so that Heronbank Rescue receives full benefit from the money given.



kittens 3 days oldCategories are:

  • Most Mischievous kitten
  • Cutest Kitten
  • Prettiest Female
  • Most handsome Male
  • Oldest cat (Please state age of cat)
  • Best rescued cat (Please tell us their story)

Kitty related prizes are available for each category.

Entries will be accepted until the end of September and pictures will appear here.

Winners will be announced during the second week in October and will be judged by an impartial judge.