Ollie and Honey Settling in

Well, the personalities of the 2 puppies are starting to show now.  Honey is definitely the quieter one, and spent most of yesterday evening laying on my knee.  Ollie, on the other hand, I would describe as a Dynamic Dynamo, on the go every second, exploring, looking for mischief and fun.  We did wonder what sort of a night we might have with them, but actually it was Cyda who was the problem, barking at the “intruders” on the other side of the puppy-door.

We have decided that until they get used to our feeding regime, food will be taken up after feeding, until the next meal time!



We were very careful introducing Spirit, our border collie.  She has been known to nip dogs whom she doesn’t know.  However, we introduced them first through the baby-gate – all sniffy noses and waggy tails there, so we put her muzzle on for safety’s sake and allowed the pups into the lounge. Although she did not appreciate Ollie’s non-stop activity, she did allow him to sniff her – a sign of submission – then she just took herself away into a quiet spot and left well alone.  What a good girl!

…  Anne