A word to all those who think that looking after cute and cuddly, squeaky, wriggly, adorable little puppies is a breeze. Forget it!  the mum’s appetite will shoot through the roof, and she will be having 4 to 5 meals a day.  Mind you, she won’t eat it from the dish.  Oh no – she needs the dish holding and likes feeding by hand. For example, her daily feed could be: Cheese and milk in the morning, then a huge dish of good quality kibble, soaked, with a large handful of mince added.  Then she can look forward to lamb for tea and eggy bread for supper.  Where they put it all I’ll never know!

Then drinking – well she will get a fair bit of liquid with her feed, but likes to wash it down with a good drink of water.  Mind you, the dish has to be held again and she may like a hand to be cupped inside the dish.  Not that she’s spoiled mind!!!

Then there’s the puppy washing – not the puppies, the blankets.  The vet-bed is needs to be changed 4 times a day at the beginning – we can’t have the little darlings getting smelly can we!  That’s 2 loads of washing per day, then there’s the drying – in this weather?!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I adore puppies and particularly love this time of their lives when they are young and vulnerable, but just for those of you who thought that it was easy …  Wake up and smell the puppies!!!

…  Anne