kitten & litter box kitten & litter tray


We are looking for New Homes for Rescued cat, Fleur’s, two little girl kittens, Belle (on the right) and Rosie (on the left).  They have already been wormed and will receive homoeopathic vaccine before they leave us.

They are still a little shy at times but will blossom into confident cats. They are already showing interest in mum’s food bowl and are using mum’s hooded litter tray. They will be ready to leave us at the end of this month.  It would be great if they could both go together, but we understand if that might not be possible.

Arrangements will be made for them to be neutered so that they will not produce any unwanted kittens of their own.

Please leave a message or Contact Us if you would like to discuss this further.

…  Anne