Living with entire males and in season females is never easy.  I have discovered this over the years, which is why my stud dogs generally go on “breeding terms” to friends and family living nearby, but my sister is on holiday half way round the world and her boy, Toby is with us for another week!

Skully is in season.  Toby, as an entire male, is aware of this.

My definition of Aware:  To know what you are looking for, where to find it and what to do when you get there!

Toby is Skully’s dad, so mating is not an option – also Skully is a little young, and we prefer to wait for her next season.  Thank goodness for the baby gates which we bought recently.  They are proving to be invaluable.  Skully has turned into a temptress, flirting with the boys at every opportunity.  She too is “aware”!

So, we are playing Musical dogs.  This is how it goes.  The girls, Cyda and Skully are living in the dog room, maybe not the space and freedom they are used to, but a lot bigger than a crate.  The boys, Toby and Fin, are in the kitchen, with access outside.  When the girls need to go out, the boys go into the dining room and the girls come out of the dog-room through the kitchen and outside.  In the evening, add Spirit to the mix.  She is not allowed out with the spaniels on her own, so she goes into the lounge.  When Spirit needs to go out, the boys go into the dining room.

This generates accompanying “music”, whines, barks and the like.  (I have already apologised to the neighbours!)  The dogs will get used to this new “arrangement” given time, but there are still howls of protest and bursts of sheer excitement when it’s time to play musical dogs.  Fortunately the boys don’t fight over the girls, (even cavaliers can do this – it’s often known as “kennel jealousy”).  I am fortunate that Fin and Toby are ok together.

…  Anne