With 2 in-season bitches, 3 neutered males and a border collie who thinks she is a policeman, things are getting a little tricky at Heronbank.  Organisation is the key.  The girls spend daytimes outdoors, in a pen next to Spirit, our border collie (our eternal thanks to our friend Wayne who re-roofed the kennel for us during his “holiday” here) and the boys have the kitchen, dog room and back garden.

At tea time, after John has fed the cats, the girls come into the kitchen whilst the boys move into the lounge and Spirit goes into the dining room for some “off duty” time.  At bedtime, the girls go into the crate in the dog room and the boys join them on the outside of the crate.  Spirit sleeps with us.



In the morning, Spirit goes out first, then she goes into the dining room, then it’s the boys’ turn, and after they have been out, they go into the hallway temporarily, whilst the girls go out.  The girls then go into the dog room and the boys come back into the kitchen until it’s time for the girls to go outside into their pen next to Spirit.

Mercifully the boys are all playing fair, with very few signs of jealousy, which I stamp out before it breaks out.

Easy!  As I said, all it takes is a little organisation!

…  Anne