004-001002We got a call from our vets on 21st June 2013, just after lunch, to say that there had been an abandoned cat found, with her 2 week old kittens and could we help. As we have a spare cat-proof pen, now that we have moved our boys into the large pen, we could!  We collected them from the Mirfield veterinary surgery, just before tea time. Their rescuers, an elderly couple have said that they would like to give the mother cat a home, and will call her Molly. Molly is a beautiful long haired cat, white with grey/brown markings. Her kittens are all very much like their mum except for one gorgeous little short haired boy. Potential new owners, please be aware that long haired cats will need regular grooming to keep their coats in good order.

2 of these kittens have already gone to New Homes, so there are just 2 boys left for adoption, one long haired whom we call Fred and one short haired whom we call Spot. They are happy, lively, active little kittens as the later videos show. Please contact us if you are interested.

Here are a collection of short videos I took of them.

…  Anne