spirit trimmed

We have a local Mobile Groomer in from time to time to help bathe and groom the pack.

It’s great!  No soggy dog towels, no dog hairs!  And the dogs are just a few yards away from home!

We can just about manage to bathe Fin and treat his skin weekly, but the others need attention too, so we have called on professional help in the form of Kath from DogsBodies.  They are brushed, hydro-washed and even given a massage!

Kath will also trim or strip the coats as necessary particularly in hot weather.

Here is Spirit with my sister, after one summer trim.

She really enjoys the experience and is very chilled out afterwards!

Here’s a video …


I can highly recommend Kath at Dogsbodies to anyone living locally to Birstall and the surrounding area.  If you have multiple pets, Kath gives a discount.

…  Anne