Mindy1It has been a traumatic few days both for Mindy and us!

Mindy, a rescued Burmese, came to us about a week ago very heavily pregnant having been shut out of the family home.

She started showing signs of labour 2 days ago but unfortunately had uterine inertia which meant that she could not give birth unaided.

After numerous injections of oxytocin and an overnight at the vets, she had 9 kittens, one of which sadly died. An x-ray showed that there was another kitten still in there and she was not making progress.

A spay was planned for this morning unless she passed the kitten overnight. This would not only remove the dead kitten but also prevent her from having any more unwanted kittens in the future.

mindys kits1.



This morning, I was amazed to find a kitten, newly born, still attached by its’ umbilical cord. It was, sadly but as expected, dead. Another of her kittens had also died overnight.

We took her through for a checkup with our vet, Andrew Arnold at Donaldsons and he was happy to leave her to see how things developed.

So Mindy is left with 7 babies, still an enormous litter, most are black or black and white or  maybe a couple of dark greys and a lighter grey (that is a keep-it as far as I am concerned!) and a nice tabby and white. Sexes are unknown at the moment as Mindy isn’t too keen on us handling them yet.

Thank Goodness she was not left to have her kittens outside because without a doubt she would have died a slow painful death with her dead kittens still inside her. A big thank you to her rescuer, David!

Donations towards Mindy’s care and veterinary treatment can be made through PayPal by using the Donations link to the top right of this page. We are also pleased to receive cat and kitten food, scratching posts, cat litter, toys etc.

…  Anne