Heronbank Zenith

Heronbank Zenith, son of Heronbank Celestial Comet

Nearly 1000 pets go missing each day.  It is heartbreaking if a beloved pet gets lost – or worse is stolen.

The only way to reliably identify a pet as yours is the microchip.  The Microchip is a small implant placed behind the neck of the animal, under the skin.  The microchip itself is a little larger than a grain of rice and is implanted by a needle which is a little larger than the needles usually used for injections.



The unique chip number is then stored on a database and in the event of a pet being found, the number of the chip can be scanned or read and the pet is quickly reunited with their owner.

Scanners or readers are kept by vets, local authorities (dog wardens) and some animal charities.

Many animals can be implanted with microchips from horses to hamsters, fish to reptiles.

Once your pet has been microchipped, it is a good idea, if a collar is appropriate, to hang on a disc saying “I’m Microchipped – Please Scan Me

…  Anne