IMG_4396Crystal is 10 years old. She was an ex breeding bitch for a puppy farm.  She was rescued from there four years ago by a gentleman who sadly has now died.  His carer sought help for her through Heronbank.  I would have been surprised to find no health issues.

She is a very portly lady weighing in at 13.8 kg who has had too many treats and not enough exercise.  I can totally appreciate why Crystal’s owner over compensated for her previous bad experience on the puppy farm but she has to go on a diet for her health’s sake.

 She has a slight heart murmur which our vet would grade as a 2 out of 5  which does not require medication at this stage.  Once she has lost some weight and started to exercise more her heart murmur should improve somewhat.

 She also has a luxating patella on her right rear leg  which will need surgery costume £1000 – money which we do not have.  Please give what you can by donating through Paypal on using the family and friends option please and quoting Crystal’s operation or through Gofundme  For the moment she is on painkillers, diet and exercise and her progress will be reviewed after a week.

 She has been wormed and flea treated, although in fairness no fleas were found on her.

 Watch this space and follow Crystal’s progress!

…  Anne