Sweet little Marley came to us in 2014, following the sad death of his owner. He had been kept in a crate pretty well 24/7 since then and we were told he didn’t like other dogs! He was a very fussy, friendly little boy who just adores human company and was ecstatic to meet other cavaliers! At 3 years old he had a slight heart murmur which does not need medication at the moment. He is now castrated, chipped, deflea’d and wormed and is vaccinated. His weight is about right at the moment but should not be allowed to increase.

Here is a video of Marley meeting the rest of our pack.

Marley has been adopted by clients of ours who had one of Cyda’s puppies and he is now living with a wonderful family in South Shields. Coco (as he is now called) and Barney are getting on like a house on fire. They have been getting out and about.

Here are some pics.

coco1a and barney by the sea