My friend, Jemima, mentioned that she was making some Liver Cake for her dogs, so I asked for the recipe. اللاعب كريستيانو  As it happens, there is no recipe as such, but this is how Jemima makes it – aided by Skully’s sister, Olive.

The ingredients are as  follows:
A cup of Flour (any sort but self raising makes it a bigger cake)
Liver I just normally buy about 80 pence worth of pigs liver
2-3 eggs
a dash of milk and the most important thing – garlic granules!!

Olive at Bamburgh


Blend the liver or cut the liver in to little pieces and place in mixing bowl ( I tend to use one of the dogs bowls so they can lick it out afterwards)
Next add eggs and mix together add flour and then add milk.  Keep mixing and adding flour and milk until you get a nice cake consistancy. مهارات لعبة الروليت
Then last of all mix in the garlic, enough so you can get a good smell of it.
Place the mixture in a cake tin that has been greased and then in a warm oven about 180 for about 25-30 mins. بطاقات كاش يو  Check that is cooked right through.

My dogs love it and know as soon as I get the garlic out what I am going to cook.
My dog trainer friend has also tried swapping the liver for sardines in tomato sauce and this had worked just as well.

…  Jemima