Lily and Millie

My sister, Millie left home this morning and everyone was very excited when she left with her new Mummy and Daddy.  I got a new sparkly collar, black with real diamonds in (I think), and a bell on it, mum says that will tell her where I am! It was very quiet without Millie, so my mum and dad decided to take me to Grandma’s as a special treat.  They put me in this crate thing at the back of the car, but I couldn’t see out, so I had to let Mum know. I eventually got her attention and she let me ride on her knee, where I fell fast asleep.


At Grandma’s, I went into the garden and had a look at the Big Fish in the pond.  Grandma fed the fish and they were nearly jumping out of the water to get the food!  I also met Drummer and Uncle Toby, so that was good.

Then we had some dinner, then time for a nap before we came home again.  Mum put me in that crate thing again – she’d forgotten that I can’t see out, so I had to remind her.  She says I have perfected the art of the piercing bark!  How good is that!  Then we both fell asleep on the way back home.  Good job Dad was driving!

…  Lily