004-001It is great to give kittens the best start in life that you can, but then they leave for their permanent home. Here’s a few pointers to help them settle in. Give them time and space to accustom them to their new environment. Feliway spray on their bedding or a Feliway diffuser in the room will help. Show them where their litter tray is, by placing them inside. Food and water should always be available to them.  Kitten biscuits are ideal, but wet food may also be necessary at first and Kitten milk is an important substitute for mothers milk in the early days.

cat activity centreSimple toys, like ping pong balls provide them (and you) with hours of entertainment. A cat scratch post, or cat activity centre will also occupy them, and they will soon learn where to scratch and where to leave alone if the Feliway spray or catnip is used on the scratching post. Get them used to being handled by you, by picking them up regularly and calling them by their chosen name. Long haired kittens will need brushing to keep their coat in good order. A good time to do this is when the are on your knee watching television. They will soon settle in and explore their new home. Vaccinations (homoeopathic or veterinary) will provide them with ongoing protection from deadly diseases. Neutering is essential to control the cat population.  Neutering vouchers for rescued cats and kittens are obtainable from Cat’s Protection – find your nearest branch here. These will cover the bulk of the cost. Cats with white ears need to have them protected from the sun in summer with a sun block cream. Your vet will advise.

IMPORTANT:  Don’t allow your new cat outside for a month, or it may try to find it’s way back to its’ previous home.  Let them out before feeding and they will return to you for food.

…  Anne